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Seeing a young boy do something considered feminine provokes some extended thinking about traditional gender roles and stereotypes. Anne O'Connor explores the issues in practice.

Looking is a lifeline for young children who can't hear when they're provided with the right books, says library worker Viv Hampshire.

The impressive efforts at enjoyable healthy eating being made by early years settings around the country are being revealed and rewarded in the Nursery Food Awards. Melanie Defries finds out about the winners.

Promoting healthy eating to the children and families in a diverse community is part of a project engineered by Alison Tonkin, Cath Alderson and Gill Roberts.

Building dens is a natural and important pastime in children's social and emotional development. Anne O'Connor explores how adults can support this form of play while respecting children's need for privacy

Parents can be assured about what an early years setting has to offer their special needs child by a new inclusion stamp. Karen Faux finds out how.

Practitioners in early years settings may be the first to notice if a child shows what could be the signs of depression. Annette Rawstrone finds out what to do.

- Fruit scones

Efforts to improve young children's health and safeguard their well-being are being strengthened by closer multi-agency working, in a community project detailed by Alison Tonkin, Cath Alderson and Gill Roberts. Health promotion 'is not just the responsibility of the health sector but goes beyond lifestyles to well-being' (World Health Organisation, 1986).

Practitioners with twins in their settings need to be aware of particular issues within their learning and social development. Ruth Thomson discovers why.