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Distressed babies may be unable to regulate their own reactions. Their condition is explored by child psychotherapist Robin Balbernie.

Movement play is vital to young children's cognitive development as well as physical skills, says Anne O'Connor

With our over-fed, under-nourished children and food-illiterate adults, where did it all go so wrong? asks Mary Whiting.

A study has measured the effects of music therapy on children's emotional well-being, reports Karen Faux.

A bit of responsibility can teach children about health, say Alison Tonkin, Cath Alderson and Gill Roberts.

Two-way exchanges between babies and adults help build up language and brain development. Anne O'Connor considers how practitioners can create more opportunities for them.

We should all be doing it more often and more carefully - especially in nurseries, where better handwashing could drastically reduce infections, says Ruth Thomson.

Getting parents on board a healthy eating initiative when it is at odds with their long-time habits is a tricky process requiring sensitive communication, as Alison Tonkin, Cath Alderson and Gill Roberts explain.

Sprouts that are grown in space to fuel astronauts' vitamin levels can provide a nursery activity that shows children where their food comes from, and why it's good for them.

Child dental care should begin with the first tooth and parties are a fun way to encourage it, says Viv Hampshire.