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'Doctor, I'm worried about my children. I think they've been exposed to worms from my dog and I've heard that worms can cause blindness?'

Supporting parents is a vital part of the care offered at Peter Pan Nursery, writes Sue Learner.

'Doctor, my child has an awful cough, you have to help'

The condition of albinism is little understood by the public and sometimes portrayed negatively, but nursery workers are helping to keep one child happily included. Sue Learner hears how.

'Doctor, my child has a rash! He's well in himself, but I have no idea what it is. Should I keep him away from nursery?'

Families with disabled children, already bearing the brunt of local authority cuts, are bracing themselves for losses under the welfare reforms. Sue Learner reports.

'Doctor, something is going around the nursery, and half the children are vomiting!'