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Children in nurseries are being served less healthy food than those in schools, as an extensive new report shows. Simon Vevers reports.

Food costs are soaring, yet a third of the food we buy still gets thrown away. Mary Whiting offers tips on cutting waste and costs for nurseries and parents alike while ensuring children still eat well.

Burnwood Nursery School has cut dramatically its number of children on the special needs register. Head teacher Juliet Levingstone explains how, in the second of a series on Stoke-on-Trent's nursery schools.

Adults' facial expressions have a strong impact on very young children learning about social relationships. Anne O'Connor explains social referencing and why early years workers need to understand it.

Well-meaning early years settings may provide dolls like disabled children for the sake of inclusive practice, but it could end up doing more harm than good, as Mary Evans hears from the experts.

Serving healthy school dinners the Italian way has children asking for seconds, and sitting with their teachers. Mario Matassa gets a taste.

A common viral infection with similarities to chickenpox is described by the WellChild Helpline.

Specially designed story sacks can engage children who have special educational needs who might otherwise miss out, says Viv Hampshire.

Young children can acquire more than one language without detriment to learning English and will enjoy greater self-esteem if carers outside the home respect their mother tongue. Anne O'Connor explains why

'Finger foods' have important implications for a child's development that may be overlooked in today's lifestyles, as Karen Faux discovers.