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40 years after a group of childminders first got together to set up an organisation to support registered childminding, current chief executive Liz Bayram reflects

The Budget has come and gone. To no-one’s great surprise, despite several heartfelt and well-argued open letters from sector representatives about early years funding, the Chancellor had nothing to say or offer on this front.

Around 5 per cent of men now work in early years, but as June O'Sullivan explains, we need thoughtful debate on men in childcare now more than ever

One MP's recent comments recall the age-old debate about the 'care' and 'education' of young children, says Michael Pettavel

What could this month's Budget mean for the sector?

It is perhaps a measure of how far the early years sector’s relationship with Ofsted has improved that after chief inspector Amanda Spielman’s speech at our Business Summit last week, there was no forest of hands wanting to complain about inadequate inspections and inspectors.

Neil Leitch calls on the early years sector to find common ground and work together in lobbying for change to the 30 hours policy

Every year on 22 October I make sure I show my support for International Stammering Awareness Day (ISAD).

The debate over the rights and wrongs of smacking children has raged on for decades, yet very little progress has been made in stopping this unacceptable practice.

In Ireland there is a recruitment crisis, but qualification requirements are not to blame - it's all about low pay, says Dr Moloney.