Practitioners from Pen Green Nursery, Corby, share their observations of different children and the schemas that they are exploring.


Learning and Development: Schemas Part 1 - Observing ... Scott

In the first of a new series we hear from Carla Hendry, a family worker at Pen Green Nursery, Corby, sharing her observations of one child.


Learning & Development Schemas: Part 2 - Observing ... Maja

The probable thinking behind a child's enactment of schemas is outlined by Sheena Griffiths-Baker, teacher at the Pen Green Centre, Corby.


Learning & Development: Schemas Part 3 - Observing ... Reece

The many schemas explored by a three-year-old are described by Shelley Bannigan, family worker in the Snug at the Pen Green Nursery in Northamptonshire.


Learning & Development: Schemas - part 4 - Observing ... Leon

One boy's schemas are observed by Daryl Ormond, a family worker at Pen Green Nursery, Corby.


Learning & Development: Schemas - part 5, Observing ... Harvey

The schemas explored by a child over his two years at nursery are described by Louise King, a family worker at the Pen Green Centre, Northampton.


Learning & development schemas: part 6: Observing ... Jennifer

Follow the line of one child's thinking with Terrie Lambert, a family worker at Pen Green Centre, Corby.