Management Guide: Recruitment Challenges

Recruitment is a major issue for many nurseries. In this series, Charlotte Goddard pulls together the sector's most creative approaches to tackling the problem - from attracting staff at all levels and ages to more men, minorities and staff from abroad.


Recruitment: Part 1 - Job obstacles

In the first of a new series on strategies for coping with the current severe shortage of staff, Charlotte Goddard sets out the key barriers facing the childcare sector


Recruitment: Part 2 - Which job?

As part of a series unpicking the recruitment crisis and giving strategies to combat it, Charlotte Goddard explores ways that settings can sell themselves, and asks why candidates pick...


Recruitment: Part 3 - Reeled in

What should employers put in a job ad, and how can companies target the over 50s? Charlotte Goddard reports


Recruitment: Part 4 - Higher purpose

Funding has been cut and the Government has scrapped plans to boost graduate employment, so how can you attract higher-qualified staff, asks Charlotte Goddard


Recruitment: part 5 - Generation Z

How can early years settings attract the youngest talent pool out there? Charlotte Goddard finds out


Recruitment, Part 6: Diversity - Wider scope

What can settings do to attract more men, as well as more people from diverse ethnic backgrounds – and why is this important? Charlotte Goddard reports


Recruitment, part 7: Overseas Workers

How should settings go about recruiting practitioners from Europe and beyond – and is Brexit having an effect on this? Charlotte Goddard reports


Recruitment, Part 8: Upskilling Staff - Up for it

What are the best ways for settings to improve their staff’s numeracy and literacy skills, and what training support is available? Charlotte Goddard reports