Nutrition: Nursery Food & Recipes

Advice on early years nutrition and food, plus favourite nursery recipes to get young children eating healthily.


Grow Your Own… Tomatoes

Growing your own tomatoes is simple, and just a few plants will reward you with plenty of delicious tomatoes in the summer. There are all sizes and types to try, from cherry to stripy to beefsteak.

Special Report: Nursery Food


Nursery Food: Quality - Progress report

What advances have been made in nursery food since the launch of the nutrition guidelines in 2013? Hannah Crown looks at new research.


Nursery Food: Snack time - Bite size

Snack time is now recognised as an important contributor to daily nutrition. Here, a selection of nurseries share their approaches.


Nursery Food: Sugar - Sweet talk

Sugar intake can make a very real difference to children's health. Laura Whiting lists the ten things practitioners need to know.


Nursery Food: Two-year-olds - All the essentials

What should practitioners think about when considering nutrition in the context of the two-year-old programme and the families involved? Diana Hawdon offers some...


Nursery Food: Food groups - On balance

The eatwell plate is an essential guide to understanding nutritional requirements. Diana Hawdon considers how it might work best for children.

How to Make the Most of...


A Unique Child: Nutrition - How to make the most of ... root vegetables

Piling root vegetables into roasts and stews is nourishing and scrumptious as well as a being a great bargain, says Mary Whiting.


A Unique Child: Nutrition - How to make the most of ... Pulses

For a nursery on a budget - or any nursery that wishes to serve good healthy food - pulses can be a godsend, writes Mary Whiting


A Unique Child: Nutrition - How to make the most of ... Tinned fish

How to get children to eat fish? No problem, says Mary Whiting - go for tinned. It's tasty, quick, easy, highly nutritious and a huge bargain.


A Unique Child: Nutrition - How to make the most of ... Rice

Easy, economical and quickly cooked, rice can be the basis of a wealth of exciting dishes, says Mary Whiting.


A Unique Child Nutrition: How to make the most of ... Tomatoes

Children often find tomatoes sour, but Mary Whiting has some irresistibly tasty ideas for this nutritious fruit.