A Unique Child: Practice in pictures - Block Play

Block play allows a child to mix creativity with mathematical problem-solving, says Anne O'Connor.


A Unique Child: Practice in Pictures - Imaginary play

Observing the level of involvement that children show in their play can tell you much about their emotional well-being, says Anne O'Connor.


A Unique Child: Practice in pictures - Twins

Assumptions about twins need to be challenged, says Anne O'Connor.


Unique child: Practice in pictures - Movement play

Movement play is vital to young children's cognitive development as well as physical skills, says Anne O'Connor


A Unique Child: Practice in pictures - Outdoors: On the ball

A simple running game brings both physical and emotional growth for a toddler, says Anne O'Connor.


A Unique Child: Outdoors - Practice in pictures - Play mates

A simple interaction shows symbolic play and social interaction between toddlers, says Anne O'Connor.


A Unique Child: Practice in Pictures - schemas

Tyres are perfect open-ended resources and link well to children's schemas, as Anne O'Connor observes.


A Unique Child: Practice in pictures - Den Building

Building dens is a natural and important pastime in children's social and emotional development. Anne O'Connor explores how adults can support this form of play...


A Unique Child: Practice in pictures - Peek a boo!

Two-way exchanges between babies and adults help build up language and brain development. Anne O'Connor considers how practitioners can create more opportunities...


A Unique Child: Practice in pictures - Pretty in pink

Seeing a young boy do something considered feminine provokes some extended thinking about traditional gender roles and stereotypes. Anne O'Connor explores the issues...


A Unique Child: Practice in pictures - Role play

A different way of observing children in role play challenges what practitioners offer in the learning environment, says Anne O'Connor.


Unique Child: Practice in pictures - When friends fall out

While children will squabble from time to time, they are usually practising negotiating techniques. The skill for adults is to know when to step in or step back...


A Unique Child: Practice in pictures - Social relationships

Adults' facial expressions have a strong impact on very young children learning about social relationships. Anne O'Connor explains social referencing and why early...


A unique child: Practice in pictures - Time to talk

Young children can acquire more than one language without detriment to learning English and will enjoy greater self-esteem if carers outside the home respect their...