Positive relationships

All aspects of the Positive Relationships theme of the EYFS, including child behaviour, attachment, the key person system, staff relationships, and working with parents. Regular features include Behaviour and Parent's Guides.


Positive Relationships: Exclusions - Inside and out

How can settings avoid excluding children with challenging behaviour, asks Meredith Jones Russell

Working With Parents


Managing SEND, Part 5: Parents - Parental advisory

Communicating with the parents of children with SEND can be a thorny issue. Karen Faux gets tips from settings doing it well


Positive Relationships: Working with Parents - A good start

How Midlothian Sure Start is helping new fathers who require extra support. By Annette Rawstrone


Universal Credit: Part 1 - Roll up, Universal Credit

In a new series about Universal Credit, David Finch of the Resolution Foundation explains exactly what the new benefit is, what it replaces and how it compares


Home Learning: A parent’s guide to… position

Learning about position involves fun, physical activities and will get you and your child out and about, explains Juliet Robertson



Learning & Development: Violent Play - Rough stuff

Violent play is often disturbing, but if managed properly it can be a useful outlet for some children. By Charlotte Goddard


Positive Relationships: Behaviour - If you please

Politeness and manners are a concern for parents, but the meaning and intention behind ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ must be taught, not just the words themselves,...


Positive Relationships: Behaviour - Strength of feeling

How should practitioners deal with a child who is always angry and is making life difficult for everyone at the setting? Cath Hunter explores some strategies both...


Positive Relationships: Behaviour - Wise Words

A snippet of Nursery World history and years of sound advice to parents are revealed in a new book about Susan Isaacs