Policy Guides

Handy guides to the most important policies and legislation affecting the early years and childcare sector.

Guide to: Level 3 apprenticeship standard

The sector’s first-ever Early Years Educator apprenticeship standard, at Level 3, has finally landed....

Guide to: National minimum/living wage

HR expert Jacqui Mann sets out everything you need to know about increases to the minimum wage rates...

Guide to: Early years qualifications from abroad

The National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) answers key questions on using overseas-trained...

Guide to: GDPR - Ten common questions

How do the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) work in practice? Alexander Fetani, of the Early...

Guide to: Universal Credit changes 2018

In the latest Budget, the Government has changed its plans for Universal Credit. Here’s what these announcements...

Guide to: Working Together Guidance

The Working Together to Safeguard Children guidance on multi-agency working was updated in June. So,...

Guide to: Social Mobility policies

The Government has recently announced a raft of initiatives targeted at closing the disadvantage gap...

Guide to: Childhood Obesity Strategy

Following criticism of its obesity strategy, the Government added a second chapter earlier this year...

Guide to: Promoting the Early Years

What resources and initiatives are out there to help the sector promote itself to potential new and future...

Guide to: T-levels

Will the new T-levels be a bed of roses or a bumpy road? Hannah Crown gives the lowdown on the new vocational...

Guide to: Tax-free Childcare Vs Vouchers

As part of a new series of handy guides on management issues, we look at Tax-Free Childcare and compare...

Policy Guide: 30 hours

Everything you ever needed to know about the Government's flagship 30 hours policy

Policy Guide: Children and Social Work Act 2017

The act enshrines in law a series of changes to the social work profession. Some controversial clauses...

Policy Guide: The Childcare Act 2016

At just eight clauses long, the Childcare Act is the law which brings the 30 hours into force.

Policy Guide: Children and Families Act 2014

A guide to the 241-page Children and Families Act, which became law on 13 March 2014.

Policy guide: Children Act 1989 Amended 2004

The main points summarised by Mary Evans

Policy guide: Draft SEN Code of Practice

Jane Friswell, interim CEO of Nasen, outlines how the new document will change the way that SEN needs...

Policy Guide: Disciplinary Warnings

Jacqui Mann advises that it could be time to review your disciplinary procedures in light of changes...

Policy guide: Employing overseas workers

What you need to know about employing migrant workers, by Jacqui Mann

Policy guide: 'More great childcare'

The what, when and how guide to the Government's childcare reform proposals

Policy Guide: Working beyond 65

Jacqui Mann outlines changes to the law when it comes to staff retirement

Policy guide: Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements

The revised Early Years Foundation Stage includes new Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements

Policy guide:The national minimum wage (NMW)

What nursery owners need to know about the national minimum wage, explained by Jacqui Mann

Policy Guide: Disclosure and Barring System

The Criminal Records Bureau and Independent Safeguarding Authority merged at the end of last year to...