Management Guide: Policies and Procedures

A five-part series by Laura Henry on creating and implementing the policies and procedures you need for your childcare setting


Policies & Procedures: Part 1 - Your values are the starting point

In part one of this new series, Laura Henry explores the importance of clarifying your nurseries' policies and procedures and ensuring that all staff have fully understood them.


Policies & Procedures: Part 2 - Consider a range of different views

Policies and procedures must be meaningful to everyone involved. That means thinking carefully about how to tailor them to children, staff and parents, says Laura Henry.


Policies & Procedures: Part 3 - Clarity must be a priority

Each policy and procedure serves a different purpose. So it is important to be clear about your meaning and ensure all essential information is included, says Laura Henry.


Policies & Procedures: Part 4 - Getting to grips with the essentials

Attention to detail is absolutely essential when mapping out your policies and procedures. Laura Henry provides some key pointers on what every setting should include.


Policies & Procedures: Part 5 - Listen to what your parents say

In the concluding part of her series, Laura Henry outlines how having the correct policies in place can take the stress out of, and reduce the likelihood of, complaints from parents....