Practice Guide: Parenting Programmes

A series on different early intervention projects to help parents support their children’s learning and behaviour.


Positive Relationships: Parenting programmes - Home truths

An early intervention programme called Parents as First Teachers is improving parent-child interactions, the home environment and, as a result, child outcomes, writes Annette Rawstrone


Positive Relationships: Parenting Programmes - Taking the strain

Fortunately for those parents struggling to cope with their child’s behaviour, there are programmes to help, reports Annette Rawstrone


Positive Relationships: Parenting Programmes - Strongest link

Early intervention programmes are finding greater success by engaging both parents, rather than just mothers, as well as enrolling them before the birth of their...


Positive Relationships: Parenting Programmes - Word of mouse

A furry toy is being used to engage parents in their children’s learning, finds Annette Rawstrone


Positive Relationships: Parenting Programmes - Easy does it!

In the first of an occasional series on supporting parents in their children's learning and development, Annette Rawstrone reports on the roll-out of smartphone...


Positive Relationships: Parenting Programmes - Something to prove

High-quality parenting programmes can support vulnerable people and their ability to parent. Charlotte Goddard profiles one such programme and the challenges facing...

Analysis: Parenting programmes - Hard-to-reach families

Progress in social inclusion depends on earning the trust of those who feel left out, and helping them find ways to take charge. Dr Carol Homden, chief executive...