Time running out to book for our Masterclasses

Nursery World
Thursday, January 19, 2017

Don't miss the chance to attend our vital masterclasses on the theme of supporting disadvantaged children and 'closing the gap' on 3 and 4 February.

The two half-day Masterclasses are being led by an inspirational mix of highly-renowned early years experts and are an unrivalled opportunity to hear and learn from the most knowledgeable people in the field.

On Friday 3 February, Professors C Cybele Raver and Clancy Blair from New York University, world leading researchers in child development, will be presenting 'closing the gap three to five: self-regulation', along with Dr Julian Grenier.

They will examine different aspects of children's brains and the path to self-regulation, such as the emergence of executive function and its links to our dispositions and attitudes to learning, and the case for play-based pedagogy in helping develop self-regulation. Professor Raver will also look at self-regulation and the home environment drawing on lessons from the Chicago School Readiness Project.

Dr Grenier will then talk about self-regulation and its implications for best practice in the EYFS.

The Masterclass will run from 9.30-12.30.

Birth to three

On Saturday, Dr Danielle Matthews, Penny Tassoni and Alice Sharp are the highly-acclaimed team leading 'Closing the gap birth to three: language development'.

Dr Matthews will present the latest research findings about language development, language delay and links to socio-economic status, plus a session on contingent talk; Penny Tassoni will look at enriching language and experience across the curriculum; and Alice Sharp will talk about early language and the foundations of literacy.

This Masterclass is from 9.30-12.30 on 4 February.

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