Sightlines Network Day

Nursery World
Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sightlines Initiative Network members present:

  • experiences of early years centres and educators being inspired, finding new enthusiasms and abilities in supporting children’s deep learning
  • illustrations of children's sociable, imaginative and deep learning

We are striving to develop environments of enquiry: places of education in which we not only recognise that children are natural born sociable, creative and imaginative learners, but are endeavouring to make places fit for them, and educate ourselves to be the equally competent educators we can be. You will appreciate that it is not easy! You will be able to hear about our challenges as well as our ‘eureka! moments’. But we will certainly be able to show you that we’ve been able to change: change is possible!

Three network groups: London ReFocus, Sightlines Network SE, and Sightlines Network Poole, are working together to bring and discuss with you examples of their work over recent years.

Centres presenting will include: Balham Nursery School, Little Jungle Nursery (Dulwich), Little Barn Owls Day Nursery (Horsham), Jumping Jellybeans Preschool & Talbot Woods Day Nursery (Poole).


Recognising children as competent from birth, how ought we to act? How can we learn from young children’s fascinations? How can we transform living and learning environments? What have we already learnt? What are the challenges?


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