Nursery World Awards 16: Equipment - Professional Books

Every Child a Mover: A practical guide to providing young children with the physical opportunities they need, by Jan White, Early Education

Every Child a Mover, by early years outdoors specialist Jan White, is a much-need and timely book, setting out the importance of movement in early child development, the kinds of experience that young children need and how to go about creating a culture and environment that embrace and promote movement.

Accessible to all levels of practitioners, this comprehensive guide demonstrates how movement impacts every aspect of child’s health, well-being and brain development. It explains why children are biologically driven to move and how control, co-ordination and confidence in movement develop. Included also is the importance of rest, sleep and the need to provide suitable challenge, so that children can develop competence in recognising and managing risk in their play.

The final section provides a wealth of practical advice, along with audits and checklists, and ideas on how to resource and support young children’s physical development, illustrated with some 200 colour photographs.

‘This book is a treasure trove of thought-provoking ideas, practical suggestions and sound research about every child’s first and universal language: movement,’ says early years consultant Helen Moylett.

‘Jan explains how movement results in well-being, making the brain alert and energised and leading to better understanding of the world and improved self-confidence and self-management. She also explores how movement is “thought in action” and leads to better communication and language skills and “school readiness” as well as increased health benefits throughout life.’

Menna Godfrey, owner and manager of Quackers, York, believes Every Child A Movershould be ‘required reading for all early years practitioners’, adding, ‘Jan’s insightful and well-researched book combines a helpful mixture of theory and ideas for practice. Her clear examples provide both experienced and new practitioners with the why, what and how of physical development. Perhaps the most important role of this book is to alert practitioners to the underlying drivers for children and what these might look like in their play.’

Praise too comes from Carol Duffy, early childhood specialist, Early Childhood Ireland. She said, ‘This comprehensive yet accessible book presents an eloquent, convincing and researched argument for the role of movement in the development of healthy minds, bodies and spirits. The child’s motor journey of discovery and control is factually, yet heartwarmingly, presented, from their innate desire to move to becoming masters of their movement.

‘This book is a must read for any person who has a responsibility or interest in the physical development of a young child. It challenges the reader to see the holistic benefits of movement and physicality in the early years. I feel it is fair to say you will be moved to move.’

‘A treasure trove of thought-provoking ideas, practical suggestions and sound research’ - Early years consultant

Highly commended

Reducing Educational Disadvantage: A Strategic Approach in the Early Years by Penny Tassoni, Bloomsbury

Reducing Educational Disadvantagetakes early years practitioners on a step-by-step journey showing how, with vision and thoughtful planning, they can create a curriculum that can raise the educational attainment of children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The book identifies key factors that can positively impact a child’s future learning and gives advice on how to promote these through a long-term education programme based on a rich and diverse play environment and targeted adult-led activities. Central themes are the adult role and how to engage parents in their children’s learning, but also covered are topics such as bilingualism, early literacy, physical development and self-care.


Encouraging Physical Development Through Movement Play by Carol Archer and Iram Siraj, Sage

Little Birdsong Music Books

What To Expect, When?, 4Children


Open to professional books that help practitioners, students or managers to improve their practice and provision.

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