My favourite things (November 2012)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Nursery World readers reveal their latest finds

We love abcdoes blog by Alistair Bryce Clegg He has some fabulous ideas to engage boys and create many messy opportunities. He has given us a lot of fun in the nursery. Emma Graham, managing director, Busy Bears Nursery

I'm a fan of The Times digital package at the moment. For only a few pounds a month I love being able to download The Times every day on my I-Pad, which means I actually occasionally get to read bits of it on the go, and at the weekend we get the local newsagent to deliver a hard copy of the Saturday and Sunday Times, as you can't replace flicking through a real magazine.  Sarah Steel, managing director, the Old Station Nursery

'Too Much, Too Soon? Early learning and the erosion of childhood', edited by Richard House, is a fascinating title available from I like it because it contains frank and honest dialogue from a collection of wise thinkers about what is really most important to children's needs in the early years.  Tina Jeffries, managing director, Red Space Company

My favourite piece of equipment at the moment is the Dream Coracle made by Community Playthings. This alternative to the cot is ideal for children from six months to 20 months to rest and sleep in. The beech wood coracle was designed over several years, with extensive research and advice from practitioners, and tested by real babies and toddlers! Michael Jones, trainer on children's language and development

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