Make your visit to Nursery World North count with our Maths Masterclass

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Join Linda Pound, Anne O'Connor and Tom Weaver on Friday 5 May for 'Early Maths: No Problem?'at Nursery World North in Liverpool.

These are exciting times in early years maths! Brain research is advancing our knowledge of how we learn about mathematical concepts, even when and why we make mistakes. The findings challenge formal methods of teaching and strengthen the case for experiential, play-based learning.

To make sense of number, space, shape and measure, children have to ‘do’ maths – using their bodies and their minds – and in the right rich and supportive enabling environment, they can sidestep ‘maths anxiety’ to become part of a generation of confident maths learners.

Masterclass timetable:

9.45-10.00 Maths in the EYFS: an introduction

Unpicking the early years goals to establish key concepts and language within early maths.

Speaker: Linda Pound, early years consultant, author and maths specialist

10.00-10.45 Understanding maths: essential skills

For children to become confident and enthusiastic maths learners, practitioners need to address the skills that underpin mathematical thinking and learning. These are guessing (or estimating), identifying and creating pattern, problem-solving (and finding), and moving towards abstract thinking (through visualising, spatial reasoning, representing and playing).

Speaker: Linda Pound

10.45-11.15 Maths on the move

How we engage body and mind in mathematical learning, and the implications for early years practice.

Speaker: Anne O’Connor, early years consultant, trainer and writer, specialising in physical development

11.30-12.30 Enabling Environments: creating confident maths learners

Strategies for supporting early maths learning, including:

- Big World maths outdoors

- Giving children a sense of ownership of their resources and learning, and

- Understanding mistakes and the neuroscience of how to respond to them

Speaker: Tom Weaver, programme lead for BA Early Years Education (QTS), University of Northampton, senior lecturer in early years maths

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