Fantastic masterclasses on children's learning and gender at the Nursery World Show 2018

Nursery World
Thursday, January 4, 2018

Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, presenter of the BBC's The Sky at Night, is leading How children learn: inspiring, supporting, teaching.

The space scientist and science educator will be joined by Julie Fisher, independent early years adviser and visiting professor of early childhood education at Oxford Brookes University, as well as Jan Bennett and Stella Carefull from Effra Nursery School.

The role of the early years educator is a rewarding but challenging one: to understand and support the emotional and learning needs of ‘the Unique Child’, regardless of the child’s skills, abilities and background. Vital too is that practitioners inspire, challenge and introduce young children to new experiences and possibilities.

In this masterclass, on 2 February from 9.30-12.30, our speakers will:

  • reflect on the principles of early childhood education
  • inspire best practice, particularly in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), and
  • offer advice on how you can fulfil your role as a truly effective early years educator.

The life and career of Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock provide important reminders about the principles that underpin the EYFS and raise important questions about the quality of the early years curriculum. Discover:

  • what motivated and inspired her to learn
  • how she overcame barriers to academic success, and
  • what she wants the early years sector to strive for through the EYFS curriculum and the adult role in supporting early learning

High-quality interactions are recognised as fundamental to the achievement of outstanding teaching and learning in the early years, as Julie Fisher will explain

Boys’ learning: rethinking gender and early years practice

Gender and how to define it is rarely out of the headlines at the moment. Recent research is also prompting a rethink of what ‘gender’ means, by demolishing gender stereotypes and questioning the nature-nurture, boy-girl divide. Our masterclass will review this latest research and consider its implications for early years practice..

Our line-up of speakers will challenge current thinking about boys’ learning and development, revisit the principles of the EYFS and the Unique Child, and provide best practice advice on helping boys’, and girls’, to flourish.

Starting the morning’s session will be Jo Warin, senior lecturer in the Department of Educational Research at Lancaster University, specialising in gender. She will discuss common myths about myths in boys’ and girls’ learning and development, assess the impact of nature and nurture on the developing child and argue that we need to see gender as non-binary and part of a continuum.

Next up will be Rachel Hehir and Charlotte Van Wely. Both practitioners at Brentry & Henbury Children's Centre Bristol, they will be discussing their action research project ‘Anytime is story time Bristol – engaging boys in reading’.

Much more practical advice will then be presented by Gary Wilson, an early years consultant specialising in boys’ learning and author of Raising Boys’ Achievement.

Rounding off the session will be Alice Sharp, managing director of training company Experiential Play, who will discuss a Glasgow early years training programme for men.

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