BIG ISSUE: Ofsted Inspection Framework

Ofsted's new Education Inspection Framework for early years, schools and colleges comes into force in September 2019.

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Exclusive: 'Avoid a Tesco curriculum', says leading academic

Settings should avoid ‘a Tesco-delivery’ model of early years curriculum under the new Ofsted inspection framework, Professor Elizabeth Wood has warned.


Exclusive: I don't understand anxiety over new handbooks, says Ofsted chief

The Ofsted chief inspector has said anxiety about the creation of a two-tier system for early years inspections has been ‘whipped up’ by a handful of early years...


Ofsted confirms no changes will be made to inspection grades

Ofsted says it will retain its four-point grading system of early years settings and schools despite criticisms from the sector.


Ofsted: Cultural Capital - A capital idea?

Reference to ‘cultural capital’ in the draft Education Inspection Framework has sparked a number of concerns in the early years sector, finds consultant and author...


Ofsted inspection framework creates ‘two-tier system’

Early years organisations have been responding to the Ofsted consultation on the Education Inspection Framework and handbooks that has just closed.


Nursery Management: Inspection - In the frame

What is new in Ofsted’s recently published Education Inspection Framework, and what are the implications for managers in the PVI sector? Former council early years...



Editor’s view - Inspecting the framework

Ofsted’s draft Education Inspection Framework promises a move from data to curriculum, but the transition might not be easy