The Cave by Rob Hodgson

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Frances Lincoln, hardback, £11.99


A pair of eyes peers from a dark cave, and Wolf is determined to coax the mysterious creature from the comfort of its home. He’s hungry and wants it for his lunch. Except the creature won’t budge, however hard Wolf tries. It doesn’t want to climb a tree, or pick flowers, or feed the birds. Hunger finally lures the creature from its cave, delivering Wocave2lf an enormous surprise.

This is a fantastic debut picture book from Rob Hodgson. Suspense and hilarity mount from the opening pages to the laugh-out-loud twist at the end.

To really appreciate this book, you’ll need to revisit it again and again. The illustrations match the text brilliantly and add hilarious detail – look out for Wolf’s coat after he is zapped by lightning. And watch out too for the subplots of the little worm and snail that appear in every page.

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