Monster Baby by Sarah Dyer

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Otter-Barry Books, hardback, £11.99


Monster Mum is going to have a baby, and while Monster Dad says it’s a good thing, Little Monster and his pet Scamp are not so sure. He’s happy to join mum in a bit of healthy eating, but not so pleased that it only makes her too big to carry him. And when baby finally arrives, he’s glad to have mum home again, but peeved at having to play quietly while his new brother hollers.

Just as well the baby seems to like him, because the feeling is mutual and Little Monster can’t wait to share everything with his baby brother.

This is a welcome addition to the many ‘new sibling’ picture books that are already out there. It covers all the usual aspects of a sibling’s ambivalence about a new baby, but it is also very funny, with its gloriously unconventional characters and its illustrations packed full of, often hilarious, details.

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