Peck Peck Peck by Lucy Cousins

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Walker Books, hardback, £11.99


Little woodpecker proves a natural at pecking trees, but takes his dad’s advice to go off and ‘practise hard and have some fun’. Except he gets carried away! He starts with a fence and the front door of a house but once inside he pecks holes in everything – the soap, shampoo, the sink, the loo – until there’s nothing left to peck. Tired and dizzy from all his pecking, he heads home, where his father applauds his efforts and puts him to bed with a kiss.

This book is a joy. Primary colours, the quickening pace of the rhyme and ever more holes on each new page all capture woodpecker’s – and young children’s – growing excitement and determination to master a new skill. Children will love the humour and the unintended consequences that come from woodpecker simply doing what he is told –especially when proud dad is oblivious to them.

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