The Great Snortle Hunt

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by Claire Freedman and Kate Hindley, Simon and Schuster, paperback, 5.99


Night falls and Mouse and her friends set off in search of the Snortle that is said to live in a 'scary-creepy' house on a 'bumpy-steepy' hill. An owl hoots, the wind whistles and branches creek, then once in the house they are met by growls, groans and 'gurgly moans'. Only when they enter the Snortle's bedroom and see him stir do they reckon it's time to make an escape. But will they succeed?

This deserves to be another smash hit for Claire Freedman, made famous by her Aliens Love Underpants series. Her rhyming text is rich and exciting while Kate Hindley's illustrations are packed with detail and muted blue-gray tones that create a wonderful spooky effect. It is hard to think of another picture book that creates such a sense of mounting tension and suspense.

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