Learning & development: Under-Threes - First books

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- No More Blankets for Lambkin! By Bernette Ford and Sam Williams

Boxer Books, hardback, £9.99

Lambkin has toys, books, and pretty clothes to play dressing-up, but all she wants to do is hug her comfort blanket, which is small, soft and very dirty. When Ducky comes to visit, he persuades Lambkin to play laundry day. By the end the comforter is clean, but no longer a blanket! How will Lambkin feel now?

This is the fourth title in the excellent 'Ducky and Piggy' series, which deals with key developmental milestones for toddlers. Once again, the friendship between the two characters shines through. The story teaches by example and encourages children to approach transitions on their own terms.

- The Big Night-Night Book by Georgie Birkett

Red Fox, board book, £5.99

This is a reassuring and soothing little book in which a young boy says good-night to absolutely everything he can think of as he gets ready for bed: 'Night-night train and orange horse. Night-night Mr Giraffe, of course. Night-night big blue bouncing ball. And all my pictures on the wall.'

Every page comes with touch-and-feel textures and is packed full of objects to point to and name. And who can find the teddy that's hiding on every spread?

- Lenny in the Garden and Lenny has Lunch by Ken Wilson-Max

Frances Lincoln, board books, £9.99 each

Lenny is with his mum in the garden, where he seeks out all the wildlife. 'Bumble Bee, Bumble Bee, Where are you?' he asks. 'Here I am! Here I am! How do you do?' replies the bee.

And so his search continues in the same way until his mum asks, 'Lenny Lou, Lenny Lou, Where are you?'

In the second book, all the simple routines of cooking and eating lunch are explored as dad cooks and Lenny watches, then slurps and splashes through his food.

These make ideal first picture books for the very young.

- Lulu's Clothes written by Camilla Reid and illustrated by Ailie Busby

Bloomsbury Books, board book, £6.99

Following the success of Lulu's Shoes, the toddler returns in Lulu's Clothes. Lulu has a busy day ahead and every activity - swimming, riding her bike, getting ready for bed and so on - requires a change of clothes. Comes with touch-and-feel pads and flaps on every spread.

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