Cookery corner - Crazy Car sandwich

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A snack that will appeal to the most reluctant of eaters is this Crazy Car sandwich



2 large spoons of cream cheese or hummus

1 slice of bread

1 cherry tomato

2 raisins

1 stem of spring onion

2 slices of cucumber


Cut the shape of the car from the bread and cut out two windows.

Spread the cream cheese over the bread.

Cut the tomato in two to make the people.

Add the two slices of cucumber for the wheels and add the raisins in the middle.

Cut the spring onion and use the green to make the bar and the exhaust.


Try creating other types of vehicle – such as a train, bus or emergency vehicle – and using other ingredients; slices of tomato, kiwi fruit or egg would all make great wheels.

The recipe is courtesy of the Wellbeing and Nutrition team at the Early Start Group, London,

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