Jemma Honey, director of Bambinos Childcare Centres

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Bambinos Childcare Centres, a group of four nurseries in Plymouth, has been bought by Chinese education investment company JiaYi Education. We asked Jemma Honey about the changes


How long have you been at Bambinos?

I grew up working in the nurseries part-time while studying, so it was inevitable that I would end up working with children. After gaining a degree and a PGCE I became a primary school teacher for a few years then decided to join the family business (Jemma’s parents were the former owners) in 2006. Bambinos had taken on two additional nurseries around this time and qualified teachers in early years settings were beginning to become high on the Government’s agenda. As such it was the perfect time for me to come on board. Since then I have learnt from my parents, Alison and Bill Lane, and been able to ensure Bambinos has kept up to date with the times and maintained excellent high standards for children.

How will your role continue under the new ownership?

I was the nominated/registered person for Ofsted and will remain so. I work closely with fellow director Sara Richards and we have a very strong team of highly experienced and knowledgeable managers who lead passionate practitioners. I will continue fully in my role, overseeing the teaching, learning and development of the children within the nurseries and endeavour to ensure we are exceeding parent expectations.

Has it been a big adjustment not having your parents as owners?

My parents have been gradually stepping back over the past few years and I, with my team, have been leading the settings accordingly. I feel we have a secure management team that is well established and we have all learnt much from Alison and Bill over the past 24 years and each other. In this respect I believe we will not only maintain the high Bambinos standards but build and expand on them together.

What, if any changes, are being made under JiaYi Education’s ownership?

We are looking forward to working with JiaYi Education and in particular learning from their specialisms in mathematics and children’s learning. We feel this can only further children’s learning experiences within Bambinos and enhance their holistic development.

We are also very excited at the prospect of opening more Bambinos nurseries in the UK and perhaps further afield in the future. The management team has successfully developed the Bambinos approach over the years and we look forward to implementing this in new settings. JiaYi Education is committed to Bambinos delivering high-quality childcare under the same management structure, and as such the road ahead looks full of opportunity and excellence.

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