Cookery Corner: Fruity fish

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Young children are more likely to try new foods when dishes look appealing, so try this quick and simple recipe that will tempt even your fussy eaters.


✔ 2 large spoons of cream cheese/peanut butter
(check for allergies)
✔ 1 slice of brown/white bread
✔ 3 strawberries, sliced
✔ 4 raisins
✔ 2 chives

✔ Cut the shape of the fish from the slice of bread, using a diamond shape for the body and remaining corners as the tail and fins.
✔ Arrange the bread on the plate in the shape of a fish.
✔ Spread the cream cheese over the tail and body of the fish.
✔ Place the strawberry ‘scales’ onto the body of the fish.
✔ Cut and arrange the chives at the end of the plate as grass and add raisins as bubbles.

For more ideas on how to make nutritious food look appealing, see ‘Hide the peas?’ at

The recipe is courtesy of the Wellbeing and Nutrition team at the Early Start Group, London,

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