Skills to treasure

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Brush up on treasure baskets and heuristic play with Anni McTavish at the Nursery World Show 2015.


Elinor Goldschmied developed treasure baskets for babies who can sit up and the heuristic play approach for toddlers. Her ideas are still helping to provide a rich and nurturing environment for babies and young children to thrive mentally, emotionally and physically.

Find out how treasure baskets and heuristic play meet the learning needs of the under-threes and get practical advice on how to make the most of sensory play with expert Anni McTavish, early years and creative arts consultant, author and trainer.

  • 'Treasure baskets and heuristic play', an hour-long seminar, will be held on Saturday 7 February from 10-11am. Book your tickets (£18 each) at
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