Again! Again! Young children's schemas

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Improve your knowledge of an essential aspect of children's development with leading expert Stella Louis at the Nursery World Show 2015


Schemas are patterns of repeated actions, clusters of which develop into later concepts. Schemas include containing, enveloping and connecting.

Stella Louis, early years consultant, trainer and author, will provide an essential guide to what schemas ‘look like’, their place in children’s development and how to integrate them into the planning process in an hour-long seminar.

Stella's books include 'Understanding Schemas in Young Children, Again! Again! (2013), 'Schemas (2010) and 'Schemas and the characteristics of effective learning' (2013).

  • 'Understanding and supporting schemas' will be held on Saturday 7 February from 3-4pm. Book your tickets (£18 each) at
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