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Name: Susan Wilsher Position: Maternity nurse


Congratulations on winning the Gingham Kids Nanny Agency's Best with Babies award. What have been the high points of your career so far?

Last Christmas I was given a mink coat by some former clients who are Russian billionaires. Working for the family was really lovely, but it was like living in another world. I was part of a team of seven, which included two nannies for each child and a governess.

How long have you worked as a maternity nurse?

I've been a maternity nurse for almost 30 years and looked after more than 300 babies. I've worked for footballers, presidents, prime ministers and socialites across the world, but no matter who they are they all have the same names - Mummy and Daddy. I also work with a lot of families with triplets.

What does the job entail?

I provide full support to mothers, fathers and children.

I love my job because I get to share a unique time with families. There is nothing more rewarding than leaving parents feeling confident about caring for their child. -

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