Editor’s view - Accentuate the positive

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Let’s look for signs of progress and reasons for optimism, despite valid concerns about some developments in the early years sector


Liz Roberts

We all need some reasons to be cheerful at the moment – and there are plenty in this issue of Nursery World, we are glad to report.

It’s always good to reflect on the past and see how influential theory and practice has continued through to current times. Steiner Waldorf education is celebrating its centenary this year, and its Early Childhood representative Janni Nicol takes us through the history of the movement and at how its approach is put into practice today.

Steiner early years education and care covers birth to seven years, of course – something that is increasingly lost in the mainstream system to the dismay of many experts.

Steiner Waldorf kindergartens ‘strive to be a haven from the stresses of the outside world’, which many adults as well as children could surely benefit from!

We should also feel encouraged that after years of stalemate, the Level 3 apprenticeship standard has been approved and is being delivered, while Levels 2,5 and 6 are also in development. T-Levels too are progressing, although there are still questions to be answered on their implementation.

After months of silence, DfE has released information about the development of curriculum guidance for the revised EYFS, along with the names of the expert advisory panel (no direct PVI representative is regrettable, but at least the estimable Julian Grenier is taking the lead on updating Development Matters).

Finally, it’s always wonderful to release the names of those shortlisted for the Nursery World Awards, and this year’s roll-call includes plenty of great examples of inspiring practice and dedication. Now they just have to wait until 28 September to find out who’s won, but all of them should certainly feel cheerful about their success.

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