Editor's View - Training in Olympian qualities starts early

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The Nursery World team have certainly found it difficult to tear themselves away from watching Team GB in the Olympics for the past week or so, but luckily there are lots of parallels between the sporting action and this issue of the magazine.


You'll find mentions of 'coping better with life's challenges', 'not giving up when the going gets tough', and 'bouncing back in the face of adversity'. There is plenty of talk of 'self-confidence', 'self-esteem', 'co-operation' and 'expressing your emotions' through success and failure. All fine Olympian qualities.

And all these references appear in our fantastic features on the Prime area of Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Norland Nursery's second article in Clare Crowther's series on under-threes in the Early Years Foundation Stage breaks down PSED into the three aspects of 'making relationships', 'self-confidence and self-awareness' and 'managing feelings and behaviours', giving advice on effective elements of practice for each and looking at how to create an enabling environment for the youngest children.

Continuing the focus on this hugely important aspect of learning and development, we publish the second in our new series of Parent's Guides, which we hope you will find really useful to give to parents at your setting to increase their understanding of their children's progress and of the work that you do with them every day.

These guides should work very well in helping you to increase the emphasis on working with families as the revised EYFS requires.

And if practitioners and parents both support young children's PSED to the best of their ability, it certainly won't harm their prospects of becoming the Olympic champions of the future!

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