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Just had to congratulate Nursery World on printing the excellent 'Willing and able' (8 July) which challenged 'the earlier the better' calls for young children to learn to read. What a superb article.

As an EYP and qualified teacher working in early years, I totally agree with Dr Sebastion Suggate's assertion that ableness is not readiness, and on the dangers of shifting to a narrow focus of reading skills such as learning the alphabet. We ignore our focus on the wider language skills development of children at our and ultimately their peril.

The Government's dropping of the recommendations for a new curriculum suggested by the Rose Review should fire a warning shot for all early years practitioners. We need to make sure our knowledgeable voices are listened to, now more than ever. We must prevent what Professor Rainer Dollase so aptly described as 'a case of ignorance and research amnesia' from being allowed to occur in the review of early years provision.

Sarah Emmett, Cornwall

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The National Campaign for Real Nursery Education continues to campaign for the right of all children to enjoy an early education that allows them to play with ideas and possibilities in the company of skilled adults who are able to provide the materials, space, time, and new experiences they need in order to develop their learning and their love of learning for life. This should not be narrowed by a misguided focus on literacy as the sacred cow that will drag the 'needy children' from poverty (Analysis, 1 July).

If disadvantage is to be overcome and the life chances of children transformed, it can only be done through the highest quality integrated services and education. There is no epiphany, Mr Burkard - investment in high quality pre-school education delivered by those of us not in armchairs, but steeped in experience, will make the difference to children's futures.

Cathi Young, chair, National Campaign for Real Nursery Education


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