Opinion: Editor's view - The Government has been extremely busy on behalf of the children

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We're approaching the festive season and the end of 2008, but there's been no let-up in Government activity across the UK in order to do the Christmas shopping and bake the mince pies!

The Scottish Government has released its new early years framework, along with 'Equally Well', its comprehensive plan to improve public health and well-being (see News, page 3).

Meanwhile, Ed Balls unleashed a plethora of policy documents, with The Children's Plan One Year On progress report and summary; the Children and Young People's Workforce Strategy; the Play Strategy; the DCSF Autumn Performance Report on Public Service Agreements; and 'Building Stronger Partnerships' for employers and schools (News, pages 4, 5, and 8). He'll need a mince pie or two after all that!

The Workforce Strategy implies that the Government is likely to make the employment of a graduate to lead early years practice in all daycare settings by 2015 a regulation rather than an aspiration.

There are nurseries who have so far avoided becoming engaged with the Early Years Professional programme, no doubt banking on a change of Government to let them off the hook. Regulation would mean that this policy was much harder to dismantle in the event of a Labour loss at the next election, but it would also mean greater cost pressures for settings and greater need for Government to provide support.

This is the last issue of Nursery World until 8 January, and we'd like to send seasonal greetings to all our readers. We hope to see as many of you as possible at the Nursery World Show on 23-24 January (www.nurseryworldshow.com).

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