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Beans here again! I’ll try not to rabbit on too much, but I was going to tell you about all the hopping mad things I got up to in February! (And a little bit about what’s been going on at Nursery World) In our latest issue you can learn about how important patterns are for young children, and how to deal with tricky parents at your nursery. Keep your eyes (and your carrots) peeled though, there’s plenty more exciting features coming very soon. At the moment, the nursery ‘World’ is uniting against the Government plans to increase adult: children ratios, and we’re expecting more news and reaction very soon. Elsewhere, the Vatican hastily rejected my Pope application!

I did lots of other crazy things this month, like make pancakes and celebrate Chinese New ears. No one took me out on St. Valentine’s Day mind you! I stayed in and had beans on toast instead. I saw another eight bunnies walking home from failed dates from out of my window. It was a receding hare-line! It’s made me look forward to Easter even more than usual. We expect that nurseries all over the country will have events and activity days that we’ll be happy to put on our Noticeboard and our website. Having said that, last year, someone poured hot water down my rabbit hole. I was a Hot-Cross Bunny! Anyway, this blog entry is living on burrowed time! I’ll catch you all again soon!

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