Petition calling for funding to increase tops 6,000 signatures

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A petition calling on the Government to increase childcare funding in line with minimum wage rises has secured more than 6,400 signatures in just a few days.


The petiton was started by the owner of Little Hands Montessori

The petition, started by the owner of Little Hands Montessori Shaza Haq, urges the Government to increase funding rates for the 15 and 30 hours in line with rises to the national living wage in April in order for settings to survive.

If the petition secures 10,000 signatures, it will receive a response from the Government. At 100,000 signatures, the petition will be considered for debate in Parliament.

Shaza Haq, who runs two settings in south west London and is currently undertaking a PGCE qualification, told Nursery World, ‘I wanted to make a stand with this petition. As a sector we have the power to change things if we challenge the Government.

‘If Government is happy to put wages up, it should be able to increase funding rates for early years settings. With the minimum wage and other business costs rising, the Government needs to take into consideration how childcare settings can continue to ensure their businesses are viable.’

Ms Haq said for her personally the increase in the national minimum wage and stagnant funding rates means their profit margins will go down. While she acknowledged that she could increase fees to make up costs, she said she doesn’t think it would be fair on parents.

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