Former childminder sentenced for working illegally

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An ex-childminder has received a suspended prison sentence for continuing to provide childcare after a member of her family was arrested for a sexual offence.


Shaheena Nahar had been working as a registered childminder but was suspended by Ofsted after the family member's arrest.
Ms Nahar pleaded guilty to providing childcare while suspended by Ofsted and, later, while disqualified at Birmingham Magistrates Court on 23 November.
She was sentenced to four months imprisonment, suspended for 12 months, and required to carry out 175 hours of community service. She was also ordered to pay £1,500 towards Ofsted’s legal costs.
Ms Nahar had previously worked as a registered childminder. Ofsted suspended her registration on 13 March 2017 when one of her family members was arrested for a sexual offence. However, despite this suspension, she continued to work as a childminder.
On 6 June 2018, Ofsted cancelled Ms Nahar’s registration when a parent informed the inspectorate that she had broken her registration requirements by continuing to operate.

Ofsted worked with HM Revenue Customs and Birmingham City Council to bring the case to court.
Lorna Fitzjohn, Ofsted director for the West Midlands, said, ‘Childminders do a very important job by looking after young children, who must be kept safe at all times. That is what their parents and Ofsted expect.
‘In this case, there was a serious breach of trust. Ofsted colleagues worked for a long time to bring the case to court.

‘I am pleased that the court has recognised the seriousness of the offence, and I hope it sends a message that, when the safety of young children is at stake, we will not hesitate to take appropriate action.’

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