Early years training organisation NEyTCO closes

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The membership organisation for early years trainers and consultants, NEyTCO, has ceased trading.


In a statement sent to its members at the end of last month, NEyTCO’s chief executive Catriona Nason said, ‘We are now in a position where the company cannot meet its liabilities and I unable to continue to support it. It was agreed the best way forward is to place the company into liquidation and bring NEYtCO to a close as expediently as possible.’

Ms Nason said her own ill health had been a ‘major factor’ in the demise of the organisation, which forced her to ‘take a back seat’.

She went on to say that by the time NEYtCO’s membership director, Juliette Davies, came on board to offer support, the ‘signs or trouble were already evidence and despite valiant efforts NEYtCO could not be saved.

In order to continue to support the sector, Juliette Davies has launched a new company, EY Matters Ltd, which will provide a place for trainers to advertise their events.

NEyTCO’s history

NEyTCO was founded in June 2014 as a community interest company with the aim of drawing together expertise in the early years sector.

Catriona Nason originally came onboard as a consultant, before later stepping into the role of chief executive.

Statement from NEyTCO

‘Anyone who wanted to join or renew membership with NEyTCO over the past month may well have found themselves on the receiving end of a deafening silence, with payments unprocessed and queries unanswered. NEyTCO’s famously efficient and cheerful administrator, Juliette Davies, was also unusually silent, something she later described as “the most difficult part” of what was happening. Individual concern spilled into group speculation as members of NEyTCO’s Facebook group reported problems with website access.

‘The closure of NEyTCO has been a devastating blow to those in the sector who had put their shoulder to the wheel of the organisation in a bid to create a place where early years professionals could come together to share and exchange support and ideas.

‘But, what’s left is a community. A thriving group of early years professionals who want to stay in touch and support each other in the way that NEyTCO has shown can be done.

‘There is reason for optimism as Juliette works to ensure that all the hardwork is not lost and that the phoenix of a new organisation can rise from NEyTCO’s ashes.

‘Juliette’s aim is now to grow the networking, connecting and, where possible, collaboration - providing the go to place to find reliable, quality services, training and events to help the sector to work together to support each other and a place where early years professionals can connect.’

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