SEND in the Early Years: don't miss out on essential guidance

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Nursery World's one-day conference on 6 July will offer expert advice on meeting young children's emerging special educational needs in a complex and challenging landscape.


The conference will cover:

  • Current perceptions of special educational needs and the principles of best practice
  • The route from 'first observation' to 'personalised plan'
  • Making the most of current funding, support systems and training
  • Establishing an effective relationship with a child's family
  • Understanding a child's well-being, and typical/atypical patterns of development
  • High-incidence SEND

Highlights will include:

  • A Government perspective on funding and future changes, including the 30 hours policy
  • Keynote Speaker Julie Revels on the key considerations for inclusive practice in the early years, including embracing and embedding child-centred practices, and the importance of a whole-setting approach to supporting young children's needs
  • A step-by-step guide to identifying and responding to a child's emerging needs - observation, evidence-gathering, funding an personalised learning
  • Creating effective working relationships between manager, SENDCO and key person
  • Social and emotional well-being and their links to attachment, self-regulation and mental health
  • Workshops on sensory processing, communication and language, physical development, working with parents, and local authority support strategies

Julie Revels is a well established independent consultant, speaker and trainer specialising in inclusion in the early years and understanding the importance of early child development on later outcomes, including supporting young children with neurodevelopment differences.

Julie also works for a range of national organisations such as nasen, British Association of Early Education, Council for Disabled Children, Action for Children and is currently involved in the delivery of a number of national projects to increase access and inclusion of children with SEND in the early years.

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