Big picture: Scandi mania

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Childminder Hannah Rosalie hit the headlines this month for her ‘Scandi’ approach, with children having naps outside.


Ms Rosalie, who runs Paddock Cottage near Angmering in West Sussex, said, ‘This is my eldest son at six weeks old. It was a nice day, I had a pile of wood to chop; where better to keep an eye on him?

‘I have spent a week in the spotlight for doing something a lot of nurseries already do. What it has allowed me to do, however, is to raise the profile of this “Scandi craze”.

‘In an interview with Channel 5, I really pushed the idea that what we are seeing is a seismic shift in the way settings operate. We will see a lot of outdoor nurseries open this year and the disparity between the perception of what nurseries look like to the public and the range of quality settings now available I think is massive.’

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