NDNA launches workforce survey

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The National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) wants to hear from childcare owners and managers about the challenges they are facing with recruitment and retention of staff.


The National Day Nurseries Association wants to find out if nurseries still struggle to recruit staff at Level 3 or above

The early years organisation is inviting childcare employers to take part in its 2018 workforce survey, covering the affordability of recruitment and retention of staff, training, qualifications and ratios.

An aim of the survey is to find out whether the recruitment crisis has eased with the broadening of GCSE requirements or if nurseries are still struggling to recruit candidates at Level 3 and above.

Stella Ziolklowski, director of quality and workforce development at the NDNA, said, ‘With 30 hours continuing to dominate the early years landscape, it is vital we know exactly what challenges nurseries and other childcare providers are facing.

‘For employers, we are focusing on recruitment, retention and qualifications of staff. For example, how has the 30 hours policy impacted on their staff mix and shirt patterns and have any staff left from other European countries because of concerns over Brexit?’

NDNA will launch a separate survey for childcare employees later this month.

Ms Ziolklowski added, ‘We will also be asking practitioners for their experiences – what is motivating them to get further qualifications? What are the barriers and who pays for this?

‘We want to find out whether low pay is prompting some practitioners to take on a second job to make ends meet. Is this the best way forward for those who care for the needs and development of the youngest in society?'

  • The survey for employers closes at 5pm on 31 January 2018.
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