PM places the blame for problems with 30 hours on local authorities

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During Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs) this week, Theresa May said nursery owners had told her that some local authorities are operating the 30 hours 'system' well, while others are not.


Theresa May during this week's Prime Minister's Questions

Her comment came in response to a question from Ruth George, Labour MP for High Peak, during yesterday’s PMQs.

Ruth George said, ‘My constituent Kate has ran a successful nursery for over 14 years, but after two months on the Government’s funding for three and four-year-olds, she says she can’t make it work. She says she is having to sell her home to pay her staff redundancy.’

She claimed that over a thousand nurseries have already closed and that 58 per cent say they can’t continue.

Ms George went on to say, ‘If nurseries close, parents can’t work. Please will the Prime Minister meet with me and nursery owners to discuss such widespread and critical problems.’

In response, Mrs May said, ‘I have recently met with some nursery owners looking at this issue and they have given a very clear message that actually there are parts of the country where local authorities are operating this system very efficiently and very well, and there are parts of the country where that is not happening.

‘Of course, what underpins this is the decision taken by this Government to improve the childcare offer for parents so that they actually have a better opportunity and ensure their children get into the childcare they need.’

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