Nursery using classical music to calm babies

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A Bedfordshire nursery has started playing classical music at drop-off after finding it helped to settle children in their baby unit.


Children in the baby unit are calmed by the nursery's use of classical music

According to the manager of  Mini Explorers Day Nursery in Sandy, Laura Campbell, the introduction of classical music including compositions by Mozart, from 8-9am, has made a big difference to the temperament of babies who have just started at the setting and were finding it difficult to adjust.

She said, ‘We’ve had a lot of new starters in our baby unit, who have been quite unsettled leaving their parents as they are still settling in. We decided to try out an experiment by playing calm, classical music in the background when the children first arrive, which had a noticeable effect on our babies and parents. The music seems to distract the babies and calms them down considerably.’

‘We are delighted with the effect the music has had, and would recommend other settings maybe try it out.’


The 48-place nursery also runs yoga sessions for the children, including those in the baby unit, who range from three months to two years’ old. Currently the youngest child is six months old.

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