Alliance launches bespoke training for early years settings

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The Pre-school Learning Alliance has launched a new approach to training by offering busy nursery managers a free consultation to help them choose training specific to the needs of their staff.


The Alliance tailors training for each early years settings needs

The early years organisation’s new SMARTpd approach aims to design a development programme tailored to each setting’s needs and budgets.

The Alliance says that its specialist training and support packages cover all aspects of early years provision including safeguarding, behaviour management, leadership, reflective practice, inclusion, and parental engagement.


Setting managers are asked to fill in a short questionnaire, which then forms the basis of the consultation to identify the most appropriate resources. The programmes will be made up of online modules, recorded webinars, workshops and publications, according to training needs.

Eve Smith, training administration manager for the Alliance, who helped develop the SMARTpd approach, said, ‘There is so much professional development training and support available that it’s often hard for a team to identify what they could really benefit from. ‘Managers know that a one-size-fits-all approach to training is neither cost-effective, nor a good use of time. With SMARTpd, our staff have done the research on your behalf and can work with them to shape a programme that meets their needs and pocket.’       

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