Approved apprenticeship training providers list published

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A new register of training providers has launched as part of reforms to quality assure apprenticeships.


PBD was one of the organisations to make the list

As part of reforms to the apprenticeships system, the Government has said most training organisations will not be eligible to deliver training for apprenticeships from 1 May 2017 unless they are on the register.

An exception is organisations which want to deliver less than £100k of apprenticeship training per year as a subcontractor, who will not need to apply ‘for the time being’.

The list includes ‘main providers’ - organisations that can be selected by levy paying employers to deliver apprenticeship training, ‘employer providers’ – levy paying employers permitted to provide training to their own staff or ‘supporting providers’ - organisations that only deliver as a subcontractor to a main provider for contracts worth £100k to £500k per year.

'Main' training providers to make the cut include BNG Training (affiliated with Bertram Nursery Group), PBD, and Aspire Training Team. Employer providers include Busy Bees and Bright Horizons.

Being on the register brings a number of checks, including financial and due diligence, and an assessment of capability to deliver high-quality apprenticeship training.

The current list is relevant for apprenticeships delivered to levy-paying employers. Those applying to deliver apprenticeships to SMEs, which are not paying the levy, underwent a separate application process in November and are still waiting to find out if they will make it onto the register.

Launched on Tuesday, the register will open for new applications every quarter. Organisations must re-apply every 12 months to maintain registration.

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