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INA Nanny of the Year 2016


Helen McCarthy

How did you become International Nanny of the Year 2016?

My employers nominated me. I had to produce a 60-page portfolio answering questions, providing certificates, references and photographs. This then had to be bound and four copies sent to the International Nanny Association in the US. I then attended their conference in Washington DC last May where I received my award.

Is there a field you specialise in?

After qualifying as an NNEB nanny in 1991, I nannied until 2000 when I branched out and specialised in newborns working across the globe supporting new parents. I also took care of twins and triplets during this time. In 2015 I returned to nannying, caring for a little girl aged six months and I am still with her two years on.

What has been one of the biggest challenges in your career so far?

Moving to Florida to take care of 11-week-old twins. My husband gave up his job to move with me. This meant leaving family and friends behind for two years. I must admit it was paradise and I would love to return if we could gain the correct visas.

Which advice would you give other nannies and childcarers?

Don’t air your employer’s dirty laundry on social media. We all feel alone, but it’s not professional to post photos of your employer’s children or home without their permission. Join your local nanny group, they are out there. We have one in Chelsea where I currently work.  

Have you got any projects planned?

I am bringing a nanny conference over from the US. Nannypalooza UK is taking place over the weekend of 25-26 November 2017 at Park Inn Hotel Heathrow. I also arrange National Nanny Night Out and International Nanny Training Day. l More details are at

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