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Founder of Tiny Hands Big Futures


How have you built your career in consultancy?

I have more than 24 years’ experience of working in the early years sector, across a wide range of multi-agency services including education, care and health. I started Tiny Hands Big Futures as I wanted to share my knowledge with others. My areas of expertise include inclusion, SEND, and speech, language and communication. Consultancy is rewarding as it has a domino effect, filtering through to other professionals, parents and children.

What is fundamental to your approach?

I offer a bespoke service that is tailored to meet the individual needs of the children within the setting. Working very closely to build relationships and to get to know the setting or school is crucial to providing the most effective, sustainable services that maximise the most successful outcomes for the children.

What interested you in the I CAN Early Talk training?

I have a great deal of admiration for the work the I CAN Charity carries out, therefore the opportunity to be accepted to become a licensee representing I CAN was an honour. The outstanding Early Talk is I CAN’s successful training and accreditation programme aimed at the early years workforce in partnership with parents to support the communication needs of children from birth to age five.

How does the course differ for parents and practitioners?

The training offers the same messages for parents and practitioners, and that is the importance of understanding that children’s early communication is the foundation of all learning, whatever method the child is using, and how we collectively ensure that the best opportunities for children are provided with different strategies. Both courses offer excellent resources that support the facilitation of the Early Talk programme with children.

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