Visit the forest pre-schools of Denmark

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Nursery World and Master Travel are offering early years professionals the chance to see Denmark's highly-renowned pre-schools at first hand on our fantastic study tour.


The week-long tour, from 27 May to 3 June, will offer a unique insight into the much-admired early years practice in Denmark, with professional visits to eight pre-schools and kindergartens in Copenhagen.

Four forest kindergartens are on the itinerary, including a whole day at Skovbo Skovbornehave where children's joy, curiousity, playfulness and resilience are fostered.

At Bornehaven Asmunds-minde, children are taken out of the city every day to a country house where they can play and learn outdoors. Two farm pre-schools are also on the agenda, as well as a pre-school based in an award-winning building and with a focus on self-reliance and participation.

Cultural highlights include a city tour of Copenhagen, a visit to the famous Christiania free-town and meals at some of the city's top restaurants, including Det Lille Apotek, Copenhagen's oldest restaurant, Frk. Barners Kaelder, full of 'hygge', and the Paper Island street food market.

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