See early years education in Finland and Sweden

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Nursery World and Master Travel invite you on a professional study tour to two countries with a reputation for innovative early years policy and practice.


You will be able to see at first hand systems where children do not start formal schooling until seven years old, and where the emphasis in early years education is on the outdoors and nature, creativity, and personal and social development, with highly-subsidised universal provision and well-qualified staff.

Pre-school visits include:

  • the Morrintupa Forest Preschool, Helsinki, where environmental responsibility is a focus
  • the Kaivopuisto Kindergarten, Helsinki, which has adapted Montessori methods
  • Preschool Auringonkukka, Helsinki, with a forest visit
  • outdoor Preschool Hoppetossa Musketoren, Stockholm
  • Forest and Health Preschool Friskus, Stockholm, with the emphasis on living a healthy life
  • international Futura Preschool, Stockholm, where English is the main language
  • Pysslingen Vita Bergen, Stockholm, a gender-free pre-school which is LGBT-certified.

Early years organisation Sweducare will offer talks by leading lecturers to explain Swedish services and the play-learning concept.

Cultural highlights will include the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia and a walking tour of Stockholm.

The trip is running from 11-18 February 2017, and will be accompanies by NurseryWorld Section Editor Hannah Crown.

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